All product sold by Valken are subject to the terms, conditions and limitations set forth under the CUSTOMER PURCHASE AGREEMENT located here. Unless otherwise defined hereunder, the capitalized terms herein will have the same meanings as defined in the CUSTOMER PURCHASE AGREEMENT referenced above and incorporated herein.

Valken hopes you are satisfied with every product purchase you make. We believe strongly in our products and their quality.



Returns for product purchased directly from Valken - unless you are a B2C Customer and the governing law provides you with the right to return product and receive a refund, please note, Valken does not offer returns or exchanges. If you are a B2C Customer as described above and you are within the statutory return period for a refund, please contact Valken following the procedure set forth below for the repair and/or replacement of defective product. Any product subject to return must be in re-saleable condition, in its original carton, including all packaging materials and accessories.

Returns and exchanges for product purchased directly from a B2B Customer - if you purchased Valken product from a B2B Customer, please contact the B2B Customer directly for their return and exchange policy.

Due to the non-reusable nature and dangerous goods classification of smoke grenades and other grenade related products as-determined by Valken Sports, all sales of grenades and grenade-related products are considered final, non-returnable and non-refundable. To ensure your complete satisfaction please be sure you are ordering the correct item/s and quantities before checking out


Valken Sports makes every effort to package, palletize and otherwise protect all purchased items for safe delivery and works closely with our carriers to ensure timely and undamaged delivery. However, damage DOES occur. Valken STRONGLY encourages all dealers to insure all shipments in order to provide the best protection for any possible loss. When a delivery from Valken is damaged in transit Valken is able to make claims towards a positive resolution, but the assistance of the receiving customer is critical in these cases. To pursue these issues with the carrier, it is the responsibility of the receiving party to properly document the loss and follow this protocol in order to provide all parties with the necessary information to facilitate a resolution:

To file a claim Valken must present:
1) the delivery order copy with damage/shortage noted - this is the best and strongest evidence. Driver must have copy to take back to their dispatch to log/add to shipment records.
  1.b) if there is visible damage but no count was done to confirm the extent of loss/damage then write on delivery order a short statement: "visible damage, pending final count after inspection" or similar statement. I know drivers are rushing in-and-out so if no better option, then a statement must be added, signed by driver, copy to Valken. Customers must keep copy of all records exchanged.

2) photos of shipment as received - exterior, clearly showing all damaged areas.

3) photos of content damage - clearly showing damaged items with and without box - wherever damage occurred.

4) some drivers will call in the damage to their terminal and get a confirmation number proving damage existed at time of delivery. If this happens, please have the customer record that confirmation number on the delivery order and we will use it as additional evidence to support our claim.

Please also further note:
- Photo evidence received days after delivery without a marked delivery order is not valid. Such claims will be rejected if delivery order was signed clean and clear. Concealed damage is also rejected if not reported timely, because then it is hard to prove who really caused the issue: trucker or cnee's warehouse/employee while handling on site.

-Customers MUST NOT SIGN "Clean and Clear" delivery for damaged shipments. They MUST cross off such line from the paperwork and handwrite in their findings (point 1.b) have driver sign, make copy for driver plus for their own records and then release the driver.
They can also simply reject a damaged delivery in full.

Again, Valken STRONGLY encourages all dealers to insure all shipments in order to provide the best protection for any possible loss.

Please be advised that should a shipment incur damage during transit, Valken cannot be held responsible should the above procedures not be adhered-to or in the event that shipment be uninsured.

Valken sincerely appreciates the cooperation of our customers throughout these extraordinary times.



When you receive Valken branded products purchased from Valken, please inspect the package and the product for any damage that may have occurred during shipment and to ensure the product is free of defects in materials or workmanship for the warranty periods set forth in the above referenced CUSTOMER PURCHASE AGREEMENT or in the WARRANTY TERMS AND CONDTIONS located here.

If the shipping boxes are damaged or the Valken branded product is determined to be defective during the applicable warranty period, please contact Valken immediately via your sales representative, call us in the US at 866-97Valken or in the UK at 01144 1206 918230.



If we made a mistake and you received an incorrect item, please contact Valken immediately via email at or call us in the US at 866-97Valken or in the UK at 01144 1206 918230.



Upon notification of a prospective warranty issue or shipping error, Valken will assign a customer service representative to contact you and investigate the matter. To investigate the problem, we’ll need your order number, email address, shipping address, and phone number. Please be sure to retain the shipping box, packing materials, and damaged items in case we need to provide them to the carrier as proof of damage during transit. The Valken customer service representative may request additional information and will be responsible, if warranted, to work with you to ship the product to a Valken facility or Valken service representative to repair or replace the product as Valken may determine.

** PLEASE NOTE - While Valken proudly stands behind all products manufactured by the company and will gladly make every effort to ensure each and every customer is satisfied in any warranty, repair or service situation, legacy items no longer in current manufacture by Valken Sports will be handled on a case-by-case basis as replacement parts remain available. Valken Sports reserves the right to refuse warranty service on any item no longer in current manufacture.

These Return, Repair & Replacement Policy and Procedures were last revised on September 08, 2022.