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Gino Postorivo

This is the story of Valken - a uniquely American brand created by a self-made, passionate entrepreneur. Serving the world of shooting sports with a nimble willingness to stretch the limits to deliver quality and service across a robust product line, Valken is motivated by the fire and desire of founder and CEO Gino Postorivo.

Working in the family business while finishing school, a young Gino Postorivo cultivated an early passion for shooting sports, everything from skeet to pellet guns. Noticing several friends from the neighborhood wearing camouflage on Sunday, Postorivo had to know why and when he inquired, he was told they were playing a new game called Paintball. From the moment they put a paintgun in his hands and he fired his first shot, hitting a target forty yards away, he was an instant and passionate fanatic for the new and growing game, playing as often as seven days a week! From this spark, a fire was kindled.

The spark ignited by a single shot from an early paintgun created for the “The Survival Game” – the earliest form of paintball, ignited on an eight-foot table in the corner of his father’s business where South Jersey Paintball Supply was born. Paintball as a game and industry was barely out of its infancy by the late eighties and Gino Postorivo knew the game had nowhere to go but up. Before long the rapidly growing game and the business of paintball supporting it saw Postorivo on a plane to make a business deal, and South Jersey Paintball Supply soon became National Paintball Supply East.

Through the Nineties, the rapid concurrent growth of paintball and his business saw Postorivo’s National Paintball Supply expanding exponentially. By the turn of the new Millennium, National Paintball Supply had expanded with offices and distribution facilities across the United States manufacturing, warehousing and distributing paintball supplies to customers around the world! Brands were created under the National umbrella, including Empire, BT, Diablo, Bob Long and 32 Degrees, while other brands like Indian Creek Design were distributed and acquired. At one time, as many as ten professional paintball teams were at home in the National Paintball family of brands. Postorivo and National Paintball Supply helped bring paintball to ESPN and even purchased a magazine, Paintball 2Xtremes, which was cultivated and eventually reached international distribution of over 100,000 copies on major newsstands. The 2Xtremes brand even produced a paintball television show on the Spike TV network, spending back into and expanding the awareness of the game, helping it grow.

National Paintball Supply was eventually sold, but Postorivo’s love and passion for the game of paintball never faded and by 2008, his new brand was established: Valken. Rekindling the fire and desire to grow the sport of paintball again by increasing quality and broadening its availability for all players, Postorivo and the Valken family of employees work around the clock, doing Whatever it Takes to provide a full range of equipment to paintball, airsoft and defense protection while developing new and innovative technology. Committed to delivering a trustworthy sales and service experience with every single purchase, large or small, Valken is dedicated to creating a positive relationship with each valued customer.

A worldwide manufacturer and distributor serving the worlds of paintball, airsoft and defense protection established in 2008, Valken is headquartered in Swedesboro, New Jersey. Supplying a full range of products across the United States and Europe, Valken is dedicated to trustworthy service, invested in positive growth and committed to quality. For every customer, every time, the Valken team will do Whatever it Takes!